19 January 2009

President Obama (or) Poor Obama

On Tuesday at 12pm American time, 19hrs Zambian time, America will have its first ever Black President.

Has he made done us proud or what?!

Its a dream that men and women in America thought would remain a dream. Those black Americans who suffered at the hand of all who hated their skin colour, all those who sacrificed died in the fight for equality, would be moved to tears to see what the whole world will see tomorrow.

Every television set and radio will be turned on, all to make it possible for people to exprience that momentus occassion live. Every channel, every station whether radio or tv, will tune in, all programming will be halted, as Obama becomes the first ever black president of America. I for one will be glued to the tv tomorrow evening!

Who wouldn't want to be Obama? Who wouldn't want to be Obama's mother or father? I mean, everyone loves him. You can't help but be proud of him. He has won the hearts of all blacks and all races for that matter! He is going to be the most powerful and beloved man in this world tomorrow.

Obama's name will go down in history, people will be singing his praises long after he is gone. I ask again, who wouldn't want to be Obama? Every kid from now on will say,"I want to grow up to be like Barack Obama!"

I, for one, wouldn't want to be Obama.

Like so many great men of history, like so many super stars and soccer legends, musicians, actors, nobel prize winners etc, Obama does not know God. I want to tell you right now that nothing...Nothing...NOTHING comes close to greatness of knowing God! Look at this song written by Mac Powell:

I've heard all the stories
I've seen all the signs
Witnessed all the glories
Tasted all that's fine

Nothing Compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord. Oh no,
Nothing compares to the greatness of Knowing you Lord, oh

I see all the people
Wasting all their time
Building up their riches
For a life that's fine

But Nothing Compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord. Oh
Nothing compares to the greatness of Knowing you Lord, oh

And i find myself just living for today
Cuz i don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring
So no matter if i rise or fall,
i'll never be alone Oh no...

Nothing Compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord. Oh

All the riches, honour, pomp, wealth, popularity, fame and fortune, can never surpass the greatness of knowing God!

Keep your money, keep your fame, I'm staying with my God and father in heaven thankyou very much!

Obama should be pitied, despite his achievements, despite his success, his end is going to be dreadful. I don't hate him, if anything...he has made me, like so many others, proud to be black. He has inspired so many young black men and women that they can be anything they want to be, he has destroyed whatever was left of the notion that blacks are good for nothing. He has certainly done alot of good but I pity him none the less.

I'd rather be here, in a little third world country in Southern Africa where poverty is all around, where one has to do mathermatics to walk from point A to point B just because the roads are all wet and muddy, I'd rather go through all that and much more if it means knowing my Lord. Not because I get a free ticket to heaven for knowing him, not because he has blessed me so much but because he has given me fulfilment, peace and joy and above all because he has chosen to forgive and love me despite me.

Don't envy Obama if it is not for his spiritual success. All the movie stars who enjoy fame and fortune, the Christiano Ronaldos, Dannys, Obamas and Beyonces and all those, wouldn't know fulfilment if it slapped them in the face because they don't know what it means to know God.

Ofcourse, God calls all men and women to himself in repentance and faith-even Obama. All hope is not lost but until then,

On Tuesday, don't see, President Obama, see Poor Obama.


(I could be in trouble with the Secret Service or FBI or CIA or LAPD for this so incase this is the last time you hear from me, thanks for visiting my blog!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mwindula,

My name is Daniel and I live in Brazil. Recently your parents were guests at my parent's house when your father Conrad came to speak at several conferences. Anyways, it is nice to see God working in young men's lives across the world.

By the way, that 3rd Day song is one of my favorites. God bless you man.



Mwindula Mbewe said...

Hi Daniel,

I don't know if you'll ever see this but thanks for the comment! Isn't Third Day the best?! Have you got their latest album "Revelation"? It's really Third Day at their best! You should check out "Shane & Shane" too, chao!


Martin Musonda said...

Hello Mwindula,
Thanks for your thoughts on Obama but I am not sure you took the trouble to get your facts right. I don’t know much about Obama but from what I have gathered he and his family have been members of a Baptist church.

I don’t have enough information to ascertain whether he is just religious or he is saved indeed. Do you have this information?

We may not agree with him on issues like abortion and stem cell research but we must be careful that we do not criticize him unfairly.

Beside, we know that saving faith isn’t always easily discernible. There are some believers who may, on account of compromises or stunted spiritual growth, may show little of the fruit of the Spirit and glaring errors in their beliefs and conduct but they are still saved. God, in His own time, will bring to completion the good work he has began.

Although a number of believers have been so negative about the ‘Obama fever’, I fear that these criticisms may not be fair or based on facts. I read Pr Mbewe’s comment on Obama. If I remember very well, during a presidential debate, Obama stated that he regards unborn children as human beings who need protection but he is more inclined to saving the life of the mother than the child. Now this subject has many grey areas such that even doctors aren’t don’t always agree.

The laws patterning to abortion in most countries, including Zambia, says that a pregnancy may be terminated if the life of the mother is in danger. What is generally a bone of contention is how to determine that the life of the mother is serious danger to warrant termination of the pregnancy.

Similarly the subject of stem cells research may not be as it is portrayed. Although the current technology in stem cell research requires destruction of the embryo (if the cells are obtained from foetus) not all research involves the use of cells from embryos. Cells from organs from adults e.g. bone marrow are also used. This does not require killing the donor. More over, scientists are also looking at using cells from animals, birds etc.

What I find instructive and inspiring about Obama is that through patience, hard work and determination we can achieve so much. Here is a relatively young, unknown man from a disregarded section of society taking up the highest office in the land. We must add that, he was young man with a troubled past – raised mainly by a single mom and grandparents, involved in drugs as a young man and fighting racial prejudices. His name didn’t make things any easier for him.

There are testimonies to the effect that he showed a lot of discipline in his university days and a concern for less privileged people in society.

All I am saying is that we need to exercise a lot of discernment and caution when criticizing others.

Mwindula Mbewe said...

Dear Martin,

Thankyou so very much for your comment! I really appreciate comments and even more so, comments which address the issues I discuss on this blog.

Well, first and foremost, I hope you didn't miss the idea of my piece on Obama. What I was basically saying is that Obama is not a man who anyone must admire or aspire to emulate. This is because whether Obama is a christian or not (I seriously doubt his salvation) he has done literally nothing for the cause of Christ. My point was that we should admire men because of their achievements in Christ, not because they rose to presidency against all odds! Making president of the US will not count in the Kingdom of Heaven especially if one does not use his position of power for God's glory. Admire men for their achievements in Christ because that is the only thing that will count on that final day.

I must, secondly, admit that I have not read extensively on Obama and his profession of faith. I should have before completely labelling him as a non-Christian. If he is indeed a Christian, which I seriously, seriously doubt, he needs a mega revival!


Anonymous said...

AS to the President and his being a Christian, do a search on his voting record against the Unborn, and how he would be okay with a doctor leaving a child to die if they survived an abortion.

He has since changed his stance on homosexual marriage, he is now all in favor of such.

So you decide..