11 April 2013

Five Reasons Why Pompi, Abel And Whoever Else CAN'T Minister In Clubs

Pompi is arguably Zambia's number one artist at the moment.

If Pompi is number one, Abel is definitely number two!

Christian artists Pompi and Abel have caused quite a stir by performing at night clubs saying that they are using the opportunity for the promotion of the gospel. I'm skeptical.

A few facts.

FACT: Jesus Christ commanded us to go into ALL the world and preach the good news (Matthew 28:19). FACT: We are to make the most of every opportunity to preach the gospel (Colossians 4:5). Fact: We must be like Jesus who spent his time with sinners (Mark 2:13-17). FACT: Even Paul said, he became all things to all men for the sake of the gospel (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

Why then must these guys STOP ministering in clubs?

1)      It is a contradiction.

While it is NOT a contradiction for a Christian to be found among sinners, after all how else will they share the gospel with them, it is a contradiction for a Christian to be found in compromising acts, situations and environments even if it is in a bid to win over the lost. Many people will begin to argue that if these Christians can go to clubs, why can't they? Furthermore, their testimony will be soiled. Anyone who points to them as examples of Christianity will be met with responses like, "You mean those guys who go and sing in clubs?"

2)      It is dangerous.

Like one preacher said, “The strongest, wisest and most godly men who ever lived, all fell to sexual sin. I am not stronger than Samson, wiser than Solomon or godlier than David...” These guys are human. They cannot go into a place where there are loose and scantily dressed women who are dancing provocatively without feeling the pull of temptation. And since the temptation is there to sin physically, despite all the eyes on you, how much more mentally where you can wander off with no body ever knowing? Even in their thoughts they will be tempted to play out encounters with the lewd women they see. I don’t think God would have you spread his word at the expense of your purity and testimony both of which will be compromised if you yield to the temptation. When Joseph was grabbed by a lustful and half naked woman, he fled! He could have taken that opportunity to show her the error of her ways. He could have used it as an opportunity to evangelize. He could have said, “I’m not going to run because greater is he that is in me…” But he literally RAN out. Why? He wasn’t going to give temptation a tenth of a chance. To go into a club to do evangelism is to assume you are stronger than Samson, wiser than Solomon and godlier than David. I would not be so bold!

3)      It is not necessary.

There are ENOUGH opportunities in less compromising places. What about those who say, "clubs have one of the largest assemblies of lost sinners?" They say, "It’s a golden opportunity to speak to so many lost people at one time." Well, that may be true but there are infinitely less compromising situations where you can minister to a descent crowd of people. These guys are popular musicians who can pull crowds (that is why clubs are letting them in and having them over to begin with). Have they tried holding open air concerts in the different neighborhoods of Lusaka? Have they tried holding a concert at the Agricultural Show or Trade Fair? Have they tried going to places such as Arcades where musicians can set up and sing? Have they tried schools, churches, restaurants, youth groups, malls, community halls, parks, etc? It is just not necessary to go into clubs; all the places I’ve mentioned are TEEMING with people and would do fine and keep them quite busy in ministering that they’ll never have time to hit the clubs.

4)      It is ineffective.

Granted someone can be saved after hearing Pompi or Abel or whoever else minister in a club. It is possible and while I would be skeptical, I wouldn’t out rightly refute someone who claimed to be saved through such an endeavor. But we must be real. People in a club are NOT in the sort of frame of mind or overall state to be reasoned with. And gospel preaching (and when I use preaching I mean all its forms, music included) wrestles with the mind (Romans 10:14-15, how will the believe if they haven't heard...?" If they can’t hear you because the environment is too noisy or too distracting or because they are not in the mood, or are drunk, you're wasting your time. Pack up and try another time. You may be saying it's worth it for even one person who hears. Well, you're right, but wouldn't it then be even more worth it to go and minister in a place where people are level headed and able to listen? Clubs are definitely not the place for speaking to people’s minds, apart from their very nature; the people themselves are there for fun. They want to have a good time, not be told to change their ways.

5)      It is not feasible.

If you preach the true UNADULTERATED gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a club, you WILL be thrown out, If not by the clubbers themselves then definitely by the owners of the club or function that invited you. The people at the club have gone there to have a nice time. They’ve gone there to drink, party, do drugs, crack unwholesome jokes, indulge in sexual encounters and so on. If you are going to preach the gospel (and again I use preach generically) you will condemn such behavior and call it sin and invite them to amend their ways. They will not take it kindly and will send you out. If you go there and say, “Jesus loves you, accept him as your Lord and Saviour,” then you are not preaching the gospel. A gospel that does not condemn sin and call people to repent is no gospel at all. Let me put it this way, if you go and sing/preach the gospel at a club and they invite you back, either a revival would have begun or you are not sharing the gospel. The gospel is offensive because it calls sin sin and calls people to repent. The gospel empties clubs and bars so if you do it right, you will soon be very unpopular with the clubs and they'll never have you back.

Thanks for reading.