15 November 2008

Update on __________

The little guy is gone. I took the kitten in because I thought it had a better chance of survival with me than out there. I read, on the Internet that kittens are not to be given cow milk let alone milk with sugar in it as they end up with a running tummy. As for cow milk, it does not have all the nutrients necessary for kitten's growth. I couldn't feed the little guy anything, so I reasoned alittle. If I kept it, it would probably end up malnourished or dead, therefore, it would have a better chance of survival staying where I found it in the first place i.e. where its mother could easily find it. I took it back on the street in the morning. When I checked on it the next day, it was gone. The whole thing was really out of my hands, I left the situation in God's.