04 November 2008

My "once upon a time" unusual fears...

When I was younger, I remember that there were three unusual things that scared me alot. Ofcourse I had the typical phobia of the the dark etc, but only three unusual fears. I nolonger "fear" them anymore but I must admit, they still make me alittle uncomfortable!

First, I was afraid of women in wedding dresses, I recall when I was on a wedding line up, when I once looked cute on pictures, well I'd like to believe I once did(!), I had a tough time posing for pictures next to the bride. It made me totally uncomfortable. Even today, there is a list of places I'd really not want to be found in, one which tops the list is a place next to a woman in a wedding dress, unless ofcourse, I am the groom!

I was afraid, secondly of pregnant women. Each time I came across a pregnant woman, I felt kind of... guilty! I repeat, KIND OF!! I really felt like something was terribly wrong and abnormal and that made me very uncomfortable! How a human can grow within another is a mystery that will never cease to amaze me, I mean how?? God could have made humans lay eggs as well but he chose to have it done otherwise, its really amazing. Today, the phobia is gone but sadly, it has been replaced by a uncomfortability.

The last unusual thing I feared when I was young and still makes me uncomfortable today is, a lady who is crying. I am not really a comforter, maybe that's the problem, the whole give a hug thing... doesn't really appeal to me. I mean, a crying baby is pretty easy, you gather the little child into your arms and gently sway from side to side and talk to the baby and before long, tadah! It isn't crying anymore. A lady, now that's a different story!

Well, those are my top three, only three actually, unusual fears!