17 September 2010

Soon To Be One

To Bwalya and Vernon, on the eve of their wedding:

Its busy, this evening, in our little hut,
reminiscent of bees around a beehive,
Some going in, others going out.

Some hover outside and others buzz busily on the inside.
Soon things will settle down as everybody disperses,
For in the morrow, the knot will be tied.

Its not about the suits or dresses, the hustle and bustle,
Nor is it about the hair or makeup, the decor or food,
Its about two people soon to be one.

This evening I saw them in the church,
Holding hands as they practiced their vows
With eyes fixed on each other without a flinch.

Its all about two people soon to be one
Let the glory be God's, the one who created the pair,
The architect of the love that they share.