24 September 2010

On My Birthday

Every so often, the Lord, through His people, encourages me to continue writing on this blog. I say the Lord because they tend to come at times when I lose zeal perhaps or when I've been too busy to write. There are also times when I feel like a complete hypocrite (even contemplating throwing in the towel) with all my mistakes and failures and yet God continues to affirm His will for me to continue writing here. These nuggets of encouragement are too well timed to be coincidences and I'd like to share one. These come from various people from various places, sometimes by comments, word of mouth or emails. This particular one I got from Malaysia, today, via email and on my birthday! Coincidence? I think not. Thankyou to all who encourage me to continue by telling me about how helpful, encouraging, entertaining, thought provoking etc, they find my blog to be.

Thanks to my Dad, especially, for linking my blog on his busier blog inspite the risk involved (who knows what silly things I could have and probably have written). On this day when I've turned 22, I'm thankful to God for everything He has given and done for me. Special thanks to Carmichael H Singh whose name I have not even attempted to pronounce (let alone finish reading) as it is a tongue and brain twister. Thankyou for you email Carmichael H Singh:

Hello There

My name is Michael Haftar Singh and I am writing to you from hot humid Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

My reason for writing to you is say that I came across your site by chance, when I “googled” Is Obama a Christian President and your site is full of information for so many, and covers many aspects of good reading.

I am fascinated by your first and last name, I assume (though I am been told, plenty of times not to) your is an African name.

Anyhow, thank you for creating a wonderful site and my pray for you, is for the LORD to open the windows of heaven and pour down HIS blessing into your barn, till it so full that you would have to share this blessing with others. Amen!

God Bless and have a productive and safe week, month, year and decade.

Carmichael H Singh