02 August 2009


For one who loves writing so very much, I'm not much of a reader. Pretty ironic, huh?

The only books I read are either historical or biographical, for the most part. I've found that for me to finish even a single article on a blog, it would have to be really interesting, not a very good trait but a trait non the less. I began searching for some brilliant writers, good enough to keep me interested in their articles to the very end. My quest landed me on the blog of an atheist teenager (17, female). I must say her blog intrigued me. This young lady was very intelligent, quite knowledgeable and argued against Christianity in a very 'grown up' way. Many of her readers were, in fact, convinced that this alleged teen was actually a mature man, trying to deceive people, probably, so that his blog could be popular.

Anyway, I read all her articles in one sitting (they weren't many), as article by article she argued in an intelligent manner (sarcasm is intelligent too, I guess). I couldn't help but be saddened, of course, as I saw this young lady argue against the truth.

A number of Christians have found her blog and have tried to convince her of God the father's existence and the existence and claims of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. They've used many tactics, one of them being the, "If you're right in your belief that there is no, God, then you're safe, but what if your wrong?" card (Natalie Grant's song "What if" is based on that theme).

As I thought about what to say to this young lady, I could not help but... almost sympathise with her. I couldn't blame her and anyone else, who is not a Christian, for that matter, for finding Christianity... crazy.

However, when one becomes a Christian, their definition of 'crazy' changes. Now, its the idea of leaving their new found faith that becomes crazy. The people in the 'Christian camp' think that leaving their 'camp' would be crazy, while the onlookers who aren't in their camp, think the definition of insanity would be to join the Christian ranks.

Can you blame them? Can you blame that young atheist lady for finding Christianity crazy? I certainly cannot.

It reminds me of the brilliant song, by MercyMe (The band which wrote the song, "I can only imagine") entitled "Crazy".

Lead vocalist, Bart Millard, pens, an intelligently, beautifully written song, where he brings this idea of both camps thinking the other camp is crazy. The non-Christian looks at what we believe and how we live and thinks, "That's crazy!", while we think, having it any other way is the crazy. As you read through the lyrics, read through the way a layman would and you will see that Christianity is kinda crazy! Thank God he opens our eyes to see where the crazy really is.

Why would I spend my life longing,
For the day that it would end...
Why would I spend my time pointing,
To another man...
Isn't that crazy?

How can I find hope in dying,
With promises unseen...
How can I learn your way is better,
Than everything I'm taught to be...
Isn't that crazy?

I have not been called
To the wisdom of this world,
But to a God who's calling out to me
And even though the world may think
I'm losing touch with reality,
It would be crazy
To choose this world over eternity.

And if I boast, let me boast,
Of filthy rags made clean...
And if I glory, let me glory,
In my Savior's suffering...
Isn't that crazy?

And as I live this daily life,
I trust you for everything...
And I will only take a step,
When I feel You leading me...
Isn't that crazy?

I have not been called
to the wisdom of this world,
But to a God who is calling out to me
And even though the world my think
I'm losing touch with reality,
It would be crazy
To choose this world over eternity.

~Bart Millard


Gabriel Konayuma said...

Interesting. I guess it is similar what Pente's and Baptist's think of each other.

Jessica Shope said...

This post was a real blessing! =]

I've been reading some of TAT's blog, too, and I read what you wrote on her post about slavery. It sounds like you really know your stuff and know how to dig in God's Word. =] I'm definitely going to be praying for that girl.

And I'm sure that Paul understood the whole matter of being "crazy." "We are fools for Christ's sake."

Keep speaking out!
God bless you,
Jane Opal

Mwindula Mbewe said...

Hi Jane,

thanks for the encouraging comment. I had to do a bit of research to figure out the whole slavery issue on TAT's blog but one thing my Dad told mentioned to me as far as TAT's blog is concerned is to make the gospel central in my arguments, and thats what I hope to keep doing. And most importantly, like you, to pray for her.

Hey, I just visited your blogs and was impressed with your stories, really good! My brother wants to write some too so i've shown him your blog to encourage him. God bless!