28 May 2009

Initial Impressions...

I started work yesterday. Its been quite the experience so far, let me begin by admitting that I hate moving to new places and am not so enthusiastic about new people. Its alright to visit a place for a week or two (where two is pushing it) but two months? Its, likewise, ok to meet new people but to be surrounded by new faces-strange faces-is really something I dread. And my anti-social tendencies don't make things any easier. I really wish I was social but alas, I am not. Its really something I ought to work on cause I tend to upset people or give the impression that I am proud, maybe I am...

Anyway, I'm enjoying my new job. I'll be working for 8 weeks. I can already tell that I'll learn alot. After working for only two days, certain things have struck me.

1) First off is the "laid-backness" of government workers. That's the first thing that hit me when I reported for work on my first day. Everyone got there before 8 but out of all the offices I was taken through, only one individual was busy working. All the others were busy chatting or reading the paper. They read the paper and chat until about 9.30 when it is "tea time" or rather time for tea. Finally at 10, people settle down to do some work! All this facilitated by the pockets of tax payers- not fair!

2) Second is the way workmates relate. I've noticed alot of people calling each other by titles like "honey", "sweetie", "my love", "baby"(!), "my husband", "my wife", "darling", etc. This did not surprise me because I've heard enough of it already from school, both at high school and at college but I had no idea it happens in the work place too! Unfortunately, it is MARRIED men and women who call and are called by such titles! I was shocked when I discovered this. If I was married there's no way that I'd call anyone, but my wife, any of the above mentioned names-never! Obviously these, *clears throat* colleagues of mine would not want their spouses to know that they engage in the misuse of "marital titles", it is obviously done behind the back of their spouses. That is not correct. I only hope that those names are as far as their marital unfaithfulness goes for it is indeed, marital unfaithfulness to call someone, other than your spouse such names, especially behind their back!

3) I find the place where I am working to be a place of... plenty, food is cheap and fairly good, transport is provided to and fro! Those are the two places where ones salary tends to emerge half entact. I remember where I was working a while ago, for my uncle, if I paid for my own food at work, a third of my pay was consumed by lunch alone. Its a great place to work, with lots of privileges and benefits. Its easy to take such things for granted, something which so many have done.

Well, that's about it as far as my initial impressions of the workplace are concerned. They might change but they remain my initial impressions none the less.