21 March 2009

My Predictions

I wrote this on the 5th of March but felt uncertain as to whether to publish it or not. After a bit of thinking, I've decided to publish it. Ladies and gentlemen, "my predictions"...

For those of you who are very holy, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together and might even be married. For those of you who literally tread in the heavenlies, Chris Brown and Rihanna are two celebrities, both recording artists, who have been seeing each other for quite a while and sadly, two lost individuals as well. They are both fairly recent and most beloved on the celebrity block. Both under the age of 21, they are quite young.

Before you write me off as worldly, I only got to know Chris through my cousin who is (whats the word...) bananas about Chris. As for the beat up Rihanna, her hit song “Umbrella” was playing everywhere, you’d have to be deaf if you're below 20 and are unaware of its existence.

Chris Brown beat his poor girlfriend up, fellow celebrity Rihanna, so badly that he is due in court. He beat her like she was a thief or something. They were driving from a party in the late night to early morning, I think and allegedly got into an argument when the young man got a message from another lady. Well, Rihanna called the fellow names and before long, he had given her a piece of himself. A call was made to the police by either the young lady or an onlooker and when the cops arrived, Brown had fled the scene. A few hours later he turned himself in to the police. I don't know the whole, precise story but thats the general idea.

Well, allegedly, 3 weeks after the incident, they are back together and could even be married.

Do you see the folly of these people? I mean, come on, give me a break!

Chris Brown was painted black, and rightly so, by the media, radio stations boycotted his music, and the general public was out raged. The incident had potential to destroy the rest of his career. He quickly proposed marriage to his beaten up love, allegedly, and she, in her folly accepted, not only him, but his proposal for marriage as well. He, in my view, has acted out of remorse which means that their marriage is doomed.

My Predictions:

  • Chris Brown will continue to hurt Rihanna. He obviously has a hot temper and has fits of rage. Remorse will not solve his problem, it will merely suppress it for a season.

  • Secondly, we should be hearing of a divorce anytime from now. You can’t get married to someone who beat you up right after you make amends, I mean, the guy has asked you to marry him, most likely out of a sense of guilt and feels he needs to pay you, to make up somehow, for his horrible mistake. A marriage cannot last based on such a foundation.

  • Rihanna and Chris will continue to search but they’ll never find. They’ll always seek true love, happiness and satisfaction but until they find the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they’ll never be happy. Watch these two young people grow to become miserable individuals as they search for life with a capital L.

You may be wondering how carnal a fellow I must be to follow the lives of the some of the most appalling of men, namely celebrities. Well I must admit it’s a bit of a secret indulgence of mine for few reasons:

  1. First and foremost, I follow some of these guy's lives to see what the fuss is all about! Why do people pay so much money and attention to see these people, why are people crazy about them? Whats the buzz and fuss all about?!

  2. But also, for me, it is scripture revealed. As I see these men and women search for life under the sun, my jaw drops to see scripture come to life. Solomons words become real, "life is meaningless under the sun". All that fame and wealth and yet so, so unsatisfied, so lost and so doomed.

  3. Lastly, as I share the gospel with those around me, those who care so much for their idols and celebrities, it is good to show them how stupid a life without Christ is through the testimony of the lives of those they cherish so dearly. "Look how empty the lives of those you cherish are," I'll say, "Look at how this person has died leaving their all their fame and wealth, there's got to be more to life...".

And besides, I follow their lives passively and not actively! I mean, I have better things to do...