28 March 2009

Crosseyed Blog & Webzine

I’ve been featured on a new site called the Cross Eyed Blog and Webzine! Their mission is to encourage and build up our brothers and sisters in Christ through articles relevant to our daily lives and struggles. Through the written word they are hoping to impact Christians and help people live lives that glorify God.

Even if you don’t normally read very much, be sure to check Cross Eyed blog. It covers college, dating and courtship, entertainment, faith, marriage and family, politics, time and money, worldview, singleness, devotional life, biblical manhood and womanhood, time & money, gospel and blogging.

I especially like crosseyed because it features excellent writers whose intimate relationship with Jesus you can't miss! I'm glad to be featured there and I think the play on words, "cross-eyed", is, as the britons say, wicked!!

Visit their website, just click on the title of this post or any of the images!



Eric Novak said...

Hey man, I would love for you to write for us again soon. Let me know when you have something new for us! :)

God bless,
Eric Novak