15 September 2008

Reasons Why I Have Chosen To Have This Blog

I have been doing some thinking over the past few days. My conscience and I have come to an understanding.

About a week ago, I came across “blog-spot” on my cellphone while surfing my dad’s website and decided to create a blog of my own because I thought it would be like having my very own website (I still feel that way!), anyway I made me a blog and left it at that. Not long afterward I came across another individual’s blog who was really using her apparent gift/passion of/for writing. I immediately thought of a friend who also had a gift of writing (not really a passion for it though), and thought I’d make her a blog and tell her to start using it in the same way. Anyway today I was thinking that I too should utilize my blog likewise but wondered what my motive was. Here is more or less the discussion, Me, Myself, and I had with my conscience:


Myself: I think I will use my blog like Miss Baucham does.

Conscience: Why? What is you motive?

Me: I don’t know, who cares?

Conscience: Me.

Conscience: You want to utilize you blog because you have seen how successful Miss Baucham's blog is, isn’t it?

I: Well… umm… mmm… well…. uhhh….

Conscience: If your motive in utilizing your blog, in exactly the same way, is merely to achieve the success of Miss Baucham's blog, it would be wrong. I (your conscience) will not be clear (And you know what that means!). Look, go ahead and do what you want to but, ensure you motives glorify the lord.


After doing a lot of soul searching and thinking, I have a couple of reasons or motives for using my blog in the same way that Jasmine (Miss Baucham) does:

  1. I should go ahead with the idea because, I think(!) I would enjoy writing my thoughts, feelings, experiences etc, alot. I think it would be a good alternative to sitting infront of the television or any other non-beneficial things.
  2. I should go ahead with the idea because God is showing and teaching me so many thing, I can’t store them all in my head, a blog would be a good way to pen down those lessons.
  3. I really doubt anyone at all will read or follow this blog, but if by some remote chance, and I mean REMOTE(!)… I don’t think you understand, RRRREEEMMMOOOOTTTTEEE!!!! chance, I would simply be ecstatic if that person benefitted in any way from this blog. Not that I am a fountain of knowledge or anything but the lord does teach his children and I would love to share what he has and is still teaching me!
  4. I wouldn’t really say God has given me a gift to write because I don’t really think I’m good at it but I enjoy it thoroughly and so this would be an excellent past time.
  5. Lastly I will share here a lot about what is going on in my life, I am not really excited about that but I guess it would be a great archive which I can re-read when I am living on my farm in retirement and have either nothing to do or everything to do but no strength to do it!

Well these reasons have put my conscience at ease.

Ofcourse one must give credit where it is due, I have been inspired to use this blog by Jasmine Baucham. Check out her great site at “joyfullyathome.blogspot.com”.