14 February 2012

We Are Champions Of Africa!

Christopher Katongo receives trophy
Zambia is now the champion of Africa! Winning the Africa Cup of Nations is the greatest football achievement an African country can attain. Very few countries can speak of such an achievement and after coming so close twice, in 73' and 93', we have finally managed it beating the lauded Ivory Coast on penalties. Our boys won it and are back home safe and sound. The joy has been explosive. The evening we won, thousands took to the streets to celebrate from midnight onwards. Lots of people lost their minds. One was walking dead smack in the middle of the road in his boxers with our national flag. And as he walked passed me he said out loud, “If you don’t feel good today, when are you ever going to feel good?”

Kat, a young lady here in Zambia from America whose blog I follow wrote:

It's a lot like the elections only about 10 times more, because now it's not just Sata’s supporters, its every single person. I wish everyone could experience this kind of excitement and patriotism... every single person in the country on the same page, all happy about the same thing, all in it together, all dancing and high fiving in the streets... for days (I still hear yelling and car horns and vuvuzelas, 2 days later!) Awesome.

Awesome indeed.