22 December 2008

Look Left, Look Right And Look Left Again!

On yesterday, I was with my two buddies. There were accompanying me to the road side where I’d catch a quick bus home. It was dark. We got to the road side; I looked right, then left. Upon seeing that there were no cars nearby, in sight, I began to cross the road, and then one of my buddies decided to address me. "Hey, remember blah blah blah…" So I stop, in the middle of the road and turn my head backwards to hear what he is going on about, next thing I know, my other friend rushes across the road and pushes me to the other side. Apparently, the car that was approaching me was pretty close. So, when all three of us got to the other side, I asked my friends how close the car was, one guys says, “You were a dead man.” The other: "Nowhere close man." So I turn to the first and ask, “Would I have made it across if I didn’t stop in the middle?" He says, “You’d have made it alright, you’d have made it straight to heaven.”
(Written on the 21/12/08).